“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” (Einstein)

With 25 years of experience in maritime logistics we know simple, quick and cheap aren’t proper keywords for workable solutions.
Logistics service providers have to deal with a daily struggle to serve client needs (and to get those trucks off the parking). IT systems can be of help if.. design and implementation is done with an eye for what happens in real life.

We at Think2 are able to bridge the gap between IT and the business. We strongly believe that succesful solutions become possible only when people in different area’s of knowledge and experience work closely together.
Working together with different styles and interests is not that easy. We often see IT projects taking much more time, effort and money than expected.

We as Think2 take a personal and humble approach, carefully sensing what’s going on, where the needs are and what is needed to get to a real solution instead of switching on a product.

To quote Einstein again: “It’s not that we’re so smart we just stay with problems longer”