Logistics is about the flow of money, goods and information. Especially the flow of information is more than ever the key to success or failure.

We want our processes run smooth and safe, predictable ans scalable. With all these systems and data sources in- and outside your organisation, how to organise interaction between components in the chain?
In our fast changing world more than ever interaction should be flexible, scaleable and manageable.

Of course EDI service providers can take care of data exchange between players in the supply chain. Especially when volumes are large and the data is well-structured and well-defined.

Unfortunately doing 3rd party logistics often isn’t so well-structured and well-defined and exactly there’s where Altova can be of great help. With Altova you will be able to handle data regardless format or communcation channel. The Altova platform has proven to be solid, reliable and especially flexible in exchanging and processing data in your business processes.

For sure you have a clumsy situation in mind where people time and again are playing around with pdf’s and Excel sheets just before they can do something useful with it. Maybe you think of that handy person at the Custome Service department providing that super useful Excel sheet every monday morning but no one there to take over when that person is not available.

Imagine an automated process that combines data from multiple sources in order to show discrepancies before the actual problem occurs.

This is where altova can help to improve and stabilise the information flow in your processes.

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We’re curious to see how your situation might benefit from our experience and creativity together with the power and flexibility of the Altova product. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.